We've got some rules, but not too many.

We want you to enjoy your visit with us, but your safety is what really matters...

House Rules

  • You must 18 years or older.
  • If you are lucky to look younger than you are, please bring a valid ID. A drivers licence or passport will only be accepted.
  • Visitors under the influence of drink or drugs may be refused entry or asked to leave.
  • If we suspect drug use we may ask you to open your locker for inspection.
  • No sex in exchange for money.
  • No sleeping in cabins or other areas.
  • No mobile phones to be used in the building, unless in the coffee bar area.
  • Discriminatory language, actions or symbols will not be tolerated.

Our Return Pass Policy

Each full priced admittance permits the customer to a single use return pass. This expires either before 7am within a single 24 hou period or after the maximum stay period of 10 hours.

Any customer who stays after this time limit will be asked to pay a single full priced admission without the use of a return pass.

We reserve the right to refuse entry using a free return pass, should we fell that entrance would go against our Drink and Drug Policy.

Outside Sauna reserve the right to update any of these policies without prior notice.